Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer

Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer

Looking for deals on the Sole E95 Elliptical? This trainer is one of the best in its class, and if your looking for quality then look no further. I have searched for an eternity to find the best deal I could, to save you as much money as possible.

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If, as part of your fitness regime, you have decided to add the benefits of an elliptical trainer, then I am sure you are aware of the potential minefield in trying to choose the one that best suits your needs. Type the words “elliptical trainer” into any search engine and you are presented with a mind boggling list of different machines all claiming to be the best available.

To that end, I have decided to try and do some of the hard work for you, and research which are currently regarded as the best elliptical trainers on the market. To do this I spent time looking at the many fitness forums, blogs and review sites to try and get a “real world” opinion on what “real users” are actually saying. In doing so one make and model began to stand out, the Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer.

Features Of The Sole E95 Elliptical

Regarded as a machine for those seeking a serious workout, the E95 is the flagship model in the Sole elliptical range. It has achieved its current popularity mainly because it delivers features and performance levels normally expected from much more expensive trainers. These features include:

A whisper quite drive system delivered by a thirty pound fly wheel. This gives a very smooth performance and lots of high end resistance, something usually found in only the most expensive elliptical trainers. The Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer can deliver even more resistance with it’s built in incline feature. You can alter the incline ramp very easily at the touch of a button, this feature allows you to target specific muscle groups within your lower body.

The Sole E95 Elliptical also comes with a top of the range LCD monitor. This can be used to monitor things such a distance, time, calories burned plus a whole lot more to help you keep an eye on your progress. You can also use it to customize your workouts with its heart rate monitor. It will display a heart rate graph and adjust resistance levels to keep you in your optimal zone. It even comes with built in speakers so you can listen to your favorite music while you work out.

The Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer is also designed with the users comfort in mind. This includes physical therapist designed foot pedals with built in foam cushioning. Not only do they provide great comfort levels they are also fully adjustable. This is because Sole understand that not everyone’s feet are the same, they have up to ten different settings that help users of the trainer avoid placing too much stress on ankles and knees. This is a feature that is unique to the Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer and not found on any other machines. For additional comfort the trainer also has a built in cooling fan and a holder in which to keep your bottled water.

Bad Points

It is a bit on the heavy side though so you may need a hand getting it up a flight of stairs. On the other hand, once the trainer is in place, the extra weight only adds to the stability and strength of the machine.

And a few people did comment on the length of time the machine took to build up from the box once it was delivered but said it was well worth the time spent.

So did I find anyone who had anything bad to say about the Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer? Well as mentioned earlier it is really designed for those who are seeking a serious workout and one or two did state that they found it hard going at times. However if you are seeking to gain long term fitness benefits from an elliptical trainer I believe this is the machine to go for. It delivers all of the performance of much more expensive machines with features that few other elliptical trainers have.


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